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Add: Room 1003, College of Resource and Environment, South China Agricultural University Guangzhou, P.R. China

Tel./Email: 86-20-85280292, Mobile: +86-13697457360, Email: yongtao@scau.edu.cn


Career Position (Full-time):

• Ph.D and professor of soil and environmental science 

• Director of Resources and Environment Research Center, South China Agricultural University (SCAU)

• Director of Sino-UK Joint Institute for Environmental Research & Education (SCAU-LEC-GIG)

• Discipline leader of both Agricultural Resources and Environment and affiliated Soil Science of SCAU

• Vice dean of College of Resource and Environment, SCAU

• Vice chairman of academic committee (agriculture and forestry division) of SCAU

• Director of Key Laboratory of Arable Land Protection of Ministry of Agriculture of China

• Director of Engineering Technology Center of Arable Soil Pollution Remediation of Guangdong Province 

• Vice Director of Key Laboratory of Construction Land Reuse of Ministry of Land and Resource of China

• Chief scientist of Organic Pollution Remediation Innovation Team of Ministry of Agriculture of China

• Vice director of Technical Center of Ecological Treatment of Sewage of Guangdong Province

Academic Position (Part-time):

• Vice president of National Collaborative Innovation Union for Heavy Metal Pollution Prevention in Farmland Environment. 

• Executive director of Soil Science Society of China (concurrently vice director of Soil Biology and Biochemistry Specialized Committee, and vice director of Education Committee)

• Vice chairman of executive council of Soil Society of Guangdong province (concurrently director of Soil Quality and Food Safety Specialized Committee)

• Vice president of Fertilizer association of Guangdong province

• Vice director of Organic Agriculture committee of Agricultural Resources and Planning Society of China 

• Member of executive council of Agronomy Society of Guangdong province (concurrently vice director of Soil and Fertilizer Committee)

• Member of Nutrition Cycling and Environment Committee of Plant Nutrition of China

• Member of Healthy Soil Committee of Superior Farm Produce of China

Subject editor or Editorial board member of journal:

• Journal of Soils and Sediments (SCI)

• Chinese Journal of Soil Science

• Chinese Journal of Agro-Environmental Science

• Journal of South China Agricultural University 

Advisory position:

• Member of advisory group of National Natural Science Foundation of China (14th and 15th session)

• Member of advisory group of Cultivated Land Quality Management of Ministry of Agriculture (1st and 2nd session)

• Member of advisory group of Microbial Fertilizer Examination of Ministry of Agriculture (7th and 8th session)

• Head of advisory group of Rural Sewage Controlling of Guangdong Province

Education Background

Doctor degree (2004-2008)

• University Paris VII-Diderot, Institut De Physique Du Globe De Paris (IPGP)

• Subject: Geochemistry

• Supervisor: Prof. Marc Benedetti, Email: benedetti@ipgp.jussieu.fr

• Co-supervisor: Prof. Corinne Rouland-Lefevre, Email: Corinne.Rouland-Lefevre@bondy.ird.fr

Master degree (1994-1997)

• South China Agricultural University, College of Resources and Environment

• Subject: Soil Science, Supervisor: Prof. Wu Qi-tang, Email: wuqitang@scau.edu.cn

Bachelor degree (1990-1994)

• Shandong Agricultural University, Department of Soil Agricultural Chemistry

• Subject: Soil and Plant Nutrition, Supervisor: Prof. Wang Yichuan, Prof. Wang Wenxiang

Working Experiences

• 11/2009 present  Professor, College of Resources and Environment, SCAU

• 11/2004-12/2009  Associate professor, College of Resources and Environment, SCAU

• 07/1997-11/2004  Lecturer, College of Resources and Environment, SCAU

• 03/2009-03/2011  Project director of Soil science, National Natural Science Foundation of China

• 02/2004-02/2005  Visiting scholar in Wageningen University, the Netherlands. 

• Partner: Dr. Marcel R. Hoosbeek, Email: marcel.hoosbeek@wur.nl


• Biogeochemical process and bioremediation of contaminated soils and food safety

• Soil biology and biochemistry process and activity in degraded and polluted soils, including functioning and process of microbes and macrofauna under the condition of contaminant stress and different land uses.

• Soil behaviour, cycling, speciation, availability of trace metals and organic pollutants. We focus on enhanced microbial degradation of soil organic pollutants by earthworms, inactivation of heavy metals by phosphate-solubilizing microorganisms, geo-statistical and spatial analysis of soil quality, environmental pollution.


• Pollution characteristics and source analysis of heavy metals in agricultural land and products of China. National Key Research and Development Program of China, investigator by my team, 2016-2020, 28.4 M RMB.

• Regulation and control of poisonous and harmful organic pollutants (PAEs phthalates, antibiotics, hormones) in croplands, National Key Research and Development Program of China, investigator by my team, 2017-2021, 3.5 M RMB.

• Pollution characteristics and source analysis of poisonous and harmful chemical and biological pollutants in cropland of main agricultural area of China. National Key Research and Development Program of China, investigator by my team, 2017-2021, 3.6 M RMB.

• Micro-interfacial mechanisms of spatial-temporal evolution of key speciation of heavy metals in typical parent soils from the Pearl River Basin, funded by key project of National Natural Science Foundation (No.U1401234), investigator, 2015-2018, 2.5 M RMB.  

• Safety utilization technology of Cadmium and Lead polluted arable lands in Pearl River Basin, funded by National Science and technology support program (2015BAD05B05), investigator, 2015-2019, 6.66 M RMB 

• Soil organic chlorine bio-cooperative degradation process and functional microbial molecular ecological mechanism, funded by National Natural Science Foundation (No.41171210), investigator, 2012-2015, 0.8 M RMB.  

• Enhancement of earthworms on soil pentachlorophenol decomposition of Laccase, funded by National Natural Science Foundation (No.40871152), investigator, 2009-2011, 0.8 M RMB.  

• Earthworm Bio-catalyzed dissimilatory concurrent detoxifcation of soil Cr(VI) and PAHs, funded by National Natural Science Foundation (No.40771110), investigator, 2008-2010, 0.8 M RMB.  

PUBLICATIONS (only published in SCI journals)

(1)Xiaojing Li, Xin Wang, Yueyong Zhang, Qian Zhao, Binbin Yu, Yongtao Li, and Qixing Zhou.Salinity and Conductivity Amendment of Soil Enhanced the Bioelectrochemical Degradation of Petroleum Hydrocarbons. Scientific Reports. 2016, 32861(6), doi:10.1038/srep32861. 

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