Professor Alexander Wezel of French ISARA-Lyon University visited our college

On August 17th to 20th  2017, the Chairman of the Department of Agriculture and Ecology professor Alexander Wezel from French ISARA-Lyon University visited the college of Natural Resources and Environment in South China Agricultural University (SCAU). Professor Alexander Wezel is mainly engaged in research on agroecology, biodiversity, the services of resilience and ecosystem , the utilization of land, vegetation and resource conservation in tropical and subtropical regions. He published more than 60 articles in the Agronomy for Sustainable Development, Journal of Applied Ecology, Geoderma, Ecological indicators and other publications . His theory "Agroecology as a science, a movement and a practice" which is launched in 2009, has been widely recognized internationally.


On August 18th and August 20th, Professor Alexander Wezel conducted two academic reports which is "Diversity of global approaches to agroecology to enhanced sustainability and ecosystem services provision through agroecological cropping practices" and "Agroecology research at ISARA-Lyon, France" respectively, at the Institute of Natural Resources and Environment.

In the basement of the fact that our agricultural ecology team visited the ISARA-Lyon University in France to achieve initial cooperation intention in January 2016, Professor Alexander Wezel's visit was mean to strengthen academic exchanges and scientific research cooperation, international training, joint education, joint training Graduate students of the specific mode of cooperation for more in-depth exchanges and discussions between our school and ISARA-Lyon University. Professor Wang Jianwu, Professor Zhang Jiuen, Professor Cai Kunzheng, Professor Li Huashou of our school attended the exchange activity.

The visit will further promote the exchange as well as  cooperation of ecology and ISARA-Lyon in the field of research, teaching and training .During the visit, Professor Alexander Wezel also had a locally visit to Ningxi teaching and research base, ecological science teaching and research base which named "Jiangmen Hao Lun Ecological Agriculture Co., Ltd." in our school.



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